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By creating a profile in Path-Now.com, individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) can connect to organizations throughout California that provide services and supports for individuals with disabilities. Path-Now has thousands of organization profiles that can be match to the individual’s profile and needs. Individuals can view percentage of match for each organization, click on the organization profile to review information about the organization and choose which organizations to request to connect with in Path-Now. Individuals are also able to search for organizations by name, location, and type of service. Connecting to an organization is a just a click away once profile has been completed.

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) can register for FREE to create an account profile to review potential organization profiles, connect and potential chat with organizations within Path-Now. To register, visit the Path-Now login and select the “Get Started Now!” button.
Path-Now.com is user-friendly but tips are always helpful! Here are some tips on how to create your path to connect with organizations.

How to Register

  • First-time users must register and create a free account.
  • An individual needs to have a working email address that they can access to register.
  • All individuals will need to create a password when registering in Path-Now.
  • Individuals should keep the password someplace safe and accessible to the individual as it will be required when logging back into account profile following completion of registration.
  • Once registered, individuals will need to choose a profile type by clicking on “Join as a Client” or “Claim Organization” button.
  • Join as a Client is for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), family members or care providers who are searching for organizations that provide services.
  • Claim Organization is for individuals who want to claim their organization profile.

How to Complete Profile

Client Profile

  • After clicking the profile type button, on the next screen click the yellow Enter Your Information button.
  • Complete each question by entering words, clicking the boxes or using the drop-down menu to select choices.

NOTE: DROP DOWN QUESTIONS: When done clicking on choice in list, click on question box for drop down list go away and choice to fill in box.

  • Questions with a * must be answered to move on to next screen.
  • Answer as many questions as possible to get the best match with organizations for needed services.
  • When done with each Step questions, at the bottom click on the yellow Save & Next button to go to next Step.
  • All Step Screens must be clicked through to get to the organization match screen.
  • Answers to questions can be changed in the Setting area in the Profile Detail section at any time.
  • Once all profile Steps Screens have been clicked through, onboard will be complete. Click on the yellow Continue button to view organization matches.

Organization Profile

  • After clicking the profile type button, on the next screen click the yellow Please Proceed button.
  • The next screen will have all organization profiles in Path-Now.
  • Type organization name in search box or scroll to find your organization.
  • Organization profiles will have a green “Claim Now” button or white “Claimed” button with a green “Report”.
    Claim Now = Organization can be claimed
    Claimed = Organization has been claimed and cannot be claimed.
    Report = Concern organization has been inappropriately claimed
  • When searching for organization utilizing search box, a screen will indicate if it was not found and will have a green “Refer Your Organization” button.
  • To request organization be added to Path-Now, click on the green “Refer Your Organization” button to submit your request.
  • Once the request to claim or add your organization has been approved when you login, you will have access to choose a subscription plan.
  • Once subscription plan has been chosen, you will be able to complete the profile fields based upon plan level chosen.

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With the push of a button, access California’s largest network of service providers in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Community. From independent living services to job coaching and recreational day programs, you are custom matched in Path-Now to your local provider community. Within minutes, you will receive access to hundreds of providers.

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