Path-Now Launches The Wayfinder Experience

On Thursday, November 9th, the San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) buzzed with energy as Path-Now proudly sponsored the Self-Determination In-Action Conference at Park & Market in San Diego, California. The highlight of the event was the innovative Wayfinder Experience, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to test Path-Now and connect with a diverse array of service providers. This interactive session aimed to empower individuals in the self-determination program, encouraging them to make informed choices and carve their own paths to a brighter future.

At the heart of the conference was the Wayfinder Experience, an immersive journey that allowed participants to explore the myriad possibilities available through Path-Now. Attendees engaged with various service providers, gaining firsthand knowledge about the services offered by organizations such as Positive Development, Options For All, Plant It Again, SELF-Start, NeuroNav, Adjoin, Adjoin Inflight, TERI Inc, Living Independently is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.), California Department of Rehabilitation, San Diego Park & Recreation, YMCA of San Diego County, Outside the Lens Media Makers, MRM Education, Toward Maximum Independence, and A.R.C.C. Center Foundation.

The Wayfinder Experience wasn’t just about connecting with service providers; it was a celebration of choice and empowerment. Participants were encouraged to reflect on their individual needs and preferences, making decisions about the support services that resonated with them the most. This hands-on approach to self-determination was a powerful reminder that individuals in the program have the agency to shape their own destinies.

Following engaging conversations with service providers, participants were not only equipped with valuable information but also received a Wayfinder Explorer Participant Patch as a symbol of their journey. As a thoughtful and inspiring conclusion to the experience, attendees were invited to leave trail end notes—personal messages of inspiration and encouragement for others on the same path.

The Wayfinder Experience at the SDRC Conference, sponsored by Path-Now, proved to be a pivotal moment for individuals in the self-determination program. It showcased the power of choice, the importance of informed decision-making, and the array of opportunities available through collaboration with dedicated service providers. As attendees left the conference with their Wayfinder Explorer Participant Patches and trail end notes in hand, they carried with them not only a sense of empowerment but also a clear understanding that their choices can shape the path towards a more fulfilling and self-determined future.

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